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La Maison des vignes
Frequently asked questions


What is the distance between Paris and Bordeaux?
There are 500 km (310 miles) between Paris and Bordeaux. It takes around 5 hours by motorway, 3 hours by train (TGV/fast train) and 1 hour by plane.

How far is the Maison des Vignes from Bordeaux?
The Maison des Vignes is 45km (28 miles) from Bordeaux (train station or airport), and it takes around 50 minutes to get here.

Can we rent a car at the airport and leave it at the train station when your stay is finished?
Yes, and you can do the reverse.

Should I rent a car went I arrive?
No, you will have better prices if you rent a car through a travel agency in the USA and you will be sure to have a car reserved for you.

Some American travel guides have remarked: "Driving in France? Don't even consider it!". Is it really true?
Even though French drivers still have a very bad reputation, driving in France is not impossible. The speed limit on highways is 90km/hr (around 60 miles/hr.). On the autoroutes or freeways, it is 130km/hr (80.7 miles/hr) and 50km/hr (around 30 miles/hr.) in towns and villages. Gendarme or police conduct frequent checks inciting motorists to respect the speed limits.
Moreover, travel maps are very precise allowing you to find your way to the Maison des Vignes easily!

Life at the Maison des Vignes

How many rooms are there at the Maison des Vignes?
There are 4 rooms, each for 2 persons in the Maison des Vignes. Two are on the ground garden level and two on the first floor.

How can I choose my room?
The rooms are named after the Melis' grand parents.

  • The Emile's room is on the ground garden level and has a double bed (140 cm x 190 cm / 54.6 inches x 74 inches).
  • Noe's is also on the ground garden level and has two twin beds (90 cm x 190 cm / 35 inches x 74 inches).
  • These two rooms share a bathroom. There are two wc (toilet rooms) on this level.
  • On the first floor: the Louise's room has a large bed (140cm x 190 cm / 54.6 inches x 74 inches) and a washroom with a shower.
  • The Elodie's room has two twin beds (90 cm x 190 cm / 35 inches x 74 inches) and a washroom with a shower.
  • There is one wc (toilet room) on this level.

Is there a doctor nearby?
Yes, there is a doctor, pharmacy… in the village which is 2 km (1.2 miles) away… but we'll do everything we can to insure that you don't need to go there!

We are a group of 8 people, is it possible for us to come?
Of course you are welcome. La Maison des Vignes can accommodate 8 persons quite comfortably.

I am alone, can I come for a stay?
It would be our pleasure. We hope that the group you will be a part of pleases you and your stay is an enjoyable one.

Can the program offered be modified?
Yes, we will always try to satisfy your curiosity and desires if the group is willing.

Wine & cooking

How can we taste wine and then drive?
Tasting wine does not involve drinking it and we will show you how it's done. If you follow our advice, you can drive without any problem after the tasting wines.

We will be having different wines every evening with our meal?
Yes, each evening we will offer you wines of the appellation that you visited that morning but different than ones you have already tasted.

Will I be able to recognize a Bordeaux wine after my stay?
When you leave us you will know a great deal about Bordeaux wines and you will quite probably be able to recognize the wine of Château BUJAN!

Will we have cooking classes?
During your stay, we will show you how to buy good products and how to prepare foods in a simple fashion. Nothing will be difficult but everything will be excellent!

Who will make breakfast?
Your breakfast will be made by a person that helps you and will be served, depending on the season, in the dining room or garden. The jams are homemade and often made with fruits that grow in the garden.

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