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La Maison des vignes
Pascal and Michele,
will be happy to welcome you


Pascal Meli made the commitment to become a wine-maker when he purchased Chateau BUJAN and its 42 acres of vines 10 years ago. His dream, perhaps just a little crazy, to make his own wine has become a reality...

Pascal and Marielle Meli


Today, at Chateau BUJAN the vines are cultivated in an environmentally sound manner and the wine is aged in oak barrels.

Communication and sharing are second nature for Pascal. The table of the Chateau Bujan is open, and solid friendships are made over a glass of Bujan wine! American friends inspired him with the desire to welcome guests into his home to give them the opportunity to enter into the intimate world of the BORDEAUX wine region.

Pascal's wife, Marielle, is an architect. . She reawakened the spirit of the Maison des Vignes to welcome you there.


Michele Rousseau discovered Bordeaux and its wines at the same time twenty years ago. Learning about wine and the world of wines has become a passion for her.

For the past eight years, as administrative director of the Côtes de Bourg appellation, she has worked with and for the producers in this beautiful and unusual region. Her interest in people have led her to carefully note the correlation between the wine and the wine-maker.

She will be your guide to the very personalised world of each winemaker to show you what lies hidden behind each label.

The family of Jean-François, Michele's husband, has its origin in America and since then close relations with the USA have been maintented, Jean-François' brother is married to an American lady! Gourmet, Jean-François will treat you to some of his own authentic Bordeaux specialities.

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