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La Maison des vignes
The art of living Bordeaux-style
One week programme
      The vineyards of Chateau Bujan
A real voyage of initiation
and enjoyment; a warm, personal
and relaxing way to get to know
Bordeaux's famous wines
and its fabulous cuisine.

It is not always easy for a simple tourist to penetrate this unique world. Pascal MELI and Michèle ROUSSEAU offer you more than a simple wine tour. They will open doors to you that are often closed. They will be your guides, share their knowledge and enthusiasm and uncover the treasures of this prestigious region. Moreover, they both speak English.


The following programme is an example of a week you can enjoy at Chateau BUJAN.


          Saturday : Arrival  
    Hollyhock at the corner of the Chateau Bujan winery

We will meet you at the airport or train station at whatever time is convenient for you depending on your travel plans. We will help you with car rental and you will follow us to the Maison des Vignes.

After you settle in the Maison des Vignes, we will get to know each other over an aperitif. Together we will prepare a typical Bordeaux dinner and, of course, your first introduction to the wines…

              Wine tasting at the Chateau Bujan  
        Sunday: "L'art de vivre au chateau"    

Pascal will show you around his Château, a beautiful stone house that has watched over two centuries surrounded by 42 acres of rolling vines in an especially lovely Bordeaux landscape. Pascal will explain to you his way of making wine and take you through the vineyards. In his cellars, you will see the year's wine, peek at the vats and barrels and share in the life at BUJAN.

          The grape-picker's cottageIn the cottage, the fireplace and the bread oven are there for our culinary enjoyment!  
        Just before the grape harvest    

Lunch will be served at the Maison des Vignes, in the garden or near the swimming pool, depending on the season.

BUJAN is open to you all afternoon. You can walk in the woods or the vineyard; you can look in on the work of the season outdoors or in the cellars. You can take a dip in the swimming pool, discover the banks of the estuary of the Gironde, or simply lie down with a good book !

                Monday: le Médoc  
              We will board the ferry that crosses the Gironde at Blaye and take the "route des Chateaux".  
    Chateau dream road   All the dream Chateaux are there: Margaux, Latour, Mouton-Rothschild… We will visit one of the Chateaux, and if the Cellar Master is in good humour, he will entrust you with a few secrets while we savour the latest vintages.  

You can continue the visit in the afternoon or head to Bordeaux for the return trip.

              Chateau LatourFishing boat on the Gironde River  
              Around 7.00 p.m. your dinner will feature the Medoc wines and regional dishes: cold cuts, Pauillac lamb…  
    Tuesday: The golden Sauternes    

After breakfast, we will head for SAUTERNES, one hour away by car. In a small 25 acres property, you will discover the secrets of this golden wine. You will be shown the processes that make this wine so particular. During the tasting, you'll discover that this sweet wine goes well with both salty and sweet appetisers.

    Vineyards at Sauternes  
    Château d'YquemChateau de la Brede  

In the afternoon, you'll probably want to visit the magnificent chateaux and immerse yourself in their glorious past. Wandering through Sauternes' country roads, you will make the surprising discoveries of Chateau YQUEM, Chateau de MALLE with its gardens, Chateau de LA BREDE where MONTESQUIEU, the famous philosopher who wrote "The Spirit of the Laws", lived.

We will meet you again at 6.00 p.m. to prepare a meal together that will feature SAUTERNES wines: foie gras in all its forms, parsley seasoned cheeses, Auvergne blue cheese, Fourme d'Ambert or Roquefort, orange salad…

    Wednesday: Blaye and the estuary    

Around 9.00 a.m., we will set off for the outdoor market at BLAYE. BLAYE is a lovely town dominated by a 17th-century citadel. We will buy some of the things we need for dinner.

Next, we'll visit the Citadel, built by Vauban, under the reign of King Louis XIV.
The Blaye citadelFishing cabin on stilts beside the estuary


Vegetables on the market

We will meet again at 6.00 p.m. at Chateau BUJAN. While tasting white wines, Pascal will talk to you about the different processes for making red and white wines. Via your glass, you will tour the Bordeaux whites, a very pleasant way to travel! The menu varies according to the season, filet of sole or Basque-style tuna, mussels marinières, scallops, goat-milk cheese, fresh fruit tarts…

    Thursday: Saint Emilion  

SAINT EMILION has some of the oldest vineyards in the Bordeaux region. The jurisdiction of Saint Emilion is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO . Surrounded by undulating valleys, the very "civilised" village has a distinctive and authentic charm.

The mediaeval village of SAINT EMILION is worthy of all your attention and most probably all your afternoon. The site with its many monuments is remarkable. You will find craft and art shops to visit and some famous and enticing restaurants.


Cloister of the colligiate church

Bell tower of the monolith church of St Emilion

    Macarons of St Emilion    

We will see you again at the Chateau BUJAN around 7.00 p.m. We will recap this outing with the wines of SAINT EMILION and the dishes that accompany them so well: roast duck, autumn game meat, gratin dauphinois, Saint Nectaire cheese, pears in spiced wine with soft macaroons (small almond cakes made only in St Emilion !)

        Friday: Le Bassin d'Arcachon    

After breakfast, we will take the ferry across the estuary and make our way to the Bassin d'Arcachon where we will spend the day.


The oysters of the Basin are famous and we will visit an oyster farm. A real "farmer of the sea" will tell you about his art and let you taste this king of all festive dishes.

Lunch beside the Basin on the Arcachon or Cap Ferret side is extremely pleasant.

    Oyster cabin on the Bassin d'Arcachon    
        Pyla Dune     Casino of Arcachon    
            In the afternoon, you can do what you like: climb the Dune du Pyla, take a nap in the pine forest, swim, sunbathe, discover the town of ARCACHON.  

When you return via Bordeaux, you will understand why this region has inspired so many painters.

Friday night's dinner will give us the opportunity to taste again the wines that you preferred and to imagine, depending on the season, dishes that would best accompany the wines: roasts or stews, garden vegetables, tasty cheeses…

        Saturday: departure    
            We suggest that you don't include a very early departure time in your plans.A flight or a train at 8.00 a.m. would oblige you to wake up at 5.00. It's going to be hard enough to say good-bye as it is.
        Why not leave la Maison des Vignes at the end of the morning and take some time to visit Bordeaux?
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