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La Maison des vignes
      Wine tour - Press Review - France Magazine - In the heart of the Bordeaux wine country




… “A week in the Heart of the Bordeaux wine country” is a program launched last year by Pascal Méli, proprietor of Château Bujan in the Côtes de Bourg. “It was something I’d wanted to do for years,” says Méli, a gentle-mannered fellow with an easy smile…


Surrounded by rolling vineyards, the Maison des Vignes is now pristine and cheerful, decorated with furnishings that respect the original character of this 17th -century home. The hub of the house is a large kitchen with a long wooden table –and an amazing number of wine glasses.


…Méli took on a partner, Michèle Rousseau. “She has years of experience working with Bordeaux restaurateurs, wine merchants and producers.” says Méli. “Her knowledge and the many contacts she has developed make it possible for guests to get a feel for the real Bordeaux, to see places and meet people that they otherwise never would.”

Méli, who has won awards for several of his vintages, also tries to impart what he considers the two most important things he has learned about wine: that it should be approached with humility and not taken too seriously: “No wine should become an icon, wine is meant to be enjoyed.”

Dinner is usually served at the Maison des Vignes. “We want our guests to experience regional cuisine, so menus are determined according to the season. We also like to serve wines from the appellation our guests visited that day.” They occasionally arrange soirées at other locations…

              Wine tour - Press Review - Food  and Wine - In the heart of the Bordeaux wine country    


Ever wondered about the real Bordeaux? Well Pascal Méli, owner of Château Bujan, a 42-acre vineyard in the Côtes de Bourg and Michèle Rousseau, partners in a new venture, La Maison des Vignes aim to show you just that; the wines, the scenery, the cuisine, the culture. During a one week stay at the charming “House in the Vines” groups of up to six people can experience the “art de vivre” in that vinous Mecca.

              Wine tour - Press Review - Marie Claire - In the heart of the Bordeaux wine country    


Pascal Méli and Michèle Rousseau have two passions: their region and the wine it produces.
They share these enthusiasms with Americans, who are their main customers.


Pascal and Michèle have combined their skills to create the Maison des Vignes, a tourist structure à la carte for small groups, who want to discover the vine country.

Nothing extraordinary, you say? It certainly is because Michèle and Pascal offer a personalised reception with accommodations in the charming XVIIth-century wine-maker’s house located in the vineyard of Château Bujan, where excellent wines are produced. It’s also exceptional because they don’t entrust their guests to a professional guide, but accompany them personally…

The programs proposed are a real voyage of discovery adapted to each season. The clientele is given the opportunity to savour the wine country off the beaten trail, with local people, who speak about their region with love, humour and competence. The internet site “” is visited by would-be adventurers from all over the world.


SUD OUEST (France)

At the Château Bujan, a vineyard of the Côtes de Bourg, the Maison des Vignes (House in the Vines) has just been created. The goal is to enable small groups to discover the Bordeaux wine country while staying at the Maison des Vignes, a XVIIth century residence that has just been restored. Arcachon, Sauternes, Saint Emilion and the Médoc are on the program for a stay designed for the appreciation of a terroir and its best products.

REVUE BELGE DES VINS (Belgium Wine Review)

Michèle Rousseau, after 9 years as the director of the Côtes de Bourg Wine Syndicate is associated with the wine-maker, Pascal Méli, owner of the Château Bujan, to receive groups of six people, who would like to discover the Bordeaux wine country.
From January to October, in harmony with the seasons, small estates, authentic bakers, oyster farmers…


On the wine routes of Bordeaux

Bordeaux: The early press reports of the 2000 vintage were enthusiastic… We decided to verify these claims first hand. And sure enough, minutes after our arrival at the railway station in Bordeaux, we were transported to a universe where every waking hour over the next three days had something or the other to do with wine.

Luck favoured us in the shape of our hosts. The information we picked up about Pascal’s wine stoked our curiosity further. As it turned out, without Pascal and Michèle we would have spent our time in Bordeaux like ordinary tourists. They did more than serve as our guides. They opened their hearts and homes to us. And both are reservoirs of warmth, class and erudition.

Pascal indeed turned lyrical when he spoke about his own terroir. For him the significance of a terroir is near-mystical. It is the bounty of Mother Earth, it is history and tradition, it is a spiritual gift, it is the assertion of distinctiveness, it is, well, France in her plenitude.

In his cellar, Pascal went from one oak barrel to another, poured the wine from each in the Tulip-shaped glass typical of Bordeaux, held it by its stem, twirled it, smelt it deeply, judged its colour against a white table-cloth, then against the light, sipped it, rolled it on his palate and finally spat it out in a sink. The 2000 vintage, he said, will of course need to be kept for quite a while before you can savour its full potential. But it contains enough good elements –the colour, the body, the structure, the density, the variety and the layering of aromas- to predict it will be regarded as a great vintage…

The enthusiasm of Pascal and Michèle is not confined to Château Bujan…

As we take leave of our hosts, they give us this last bit of information. In this part of France, they tell us, the closest synonyms of wine are friendship and sobriety…


The Maison des Vignes or how to discover the Bordeaux region, its art de vivre and its famous wines!

Owner of the Château Bujan, Pascal Méli devotes himself to his vines and his cellar so that his wine is a beautiful wine, a wine to be enjoyed!

Michèle Rousseau has learned about the Bordeaux vineyard with some important Bordeaux “personalities”. They have combined their talents to give groups of six persons the opportunity to discover this region that they love and know intimately …
Each program is based on the group’s interests. Dinner is the time to enjoy the wines of the terroirs discovered that day with foods that they complement.

Your hosts will share with you their very lively, joyful ,refined and warm vision of the Bordeaux region.

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