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La Maison des vignes
To feel, taste and understand
A three day programme
      The vineyards of Chateau Bujan
Three days to make you feel,
taste and understand
what goes into the making
of the noble wines of Bordeaux.

You will be met at the train station or airport in the late afternoon and taken to the Maison des Vignes and you will be guided all along your stay.


* Visits to the châteaux must be planned in advance and depend on their availability. These programs are reserved for groups from 4 to a maximum of six persons.

An interpreter is available on
request for groups who do not speak English or French.

Please do contact us for a customized program.


After you make yourselves at home, Pascal Meli, owner of Chateau Bujan and Michèle Rousseau will give you some indispensable elements for an introduction to the vineyard and the tasting of Bordeaux wines.

Dinner is planned around the wine of Chateau Bujan and some authentic dishes from Southwestern France.

      Wine tasting at the Chateau Bujan  

First day : the life of a Bordeaux wine chateau and Saint Emilion
How to better understand this famous Bordeaux "terroir" than by strolling through the vines?

This promenade will give Pascal the opportunity to talk about the choice of grape varieties, planting methods, all the things that make the Bordeaux vineyard unique.
In the wine cellar, Pascal will introduce you to vintages, fermentation process, aging…

              The grape-picker's cottageIn the cottage, the fireplace and the bread oven are there for our culinary enjoyment!    
        Just before the grape harvest    

Tasting in the cellar among the barrels is an exceptional moment where everyone gets a chance discuss the tasting experience. Pascal also explains the art of mixing and his personal choices. An important morning for discovering Bordeaux wines!

Lunch at the Maison des Vignes
The menu reflects the season and is always in harmony with the wines of Chateau Bujan.


Afternoon at Saint Emilion
Classified World Heritage site by Unesco, Saint Emilion and its vineyards are remarkable places where men and vines have shaped the countryside for 2,000 years. You will discover the vineyard by a crest road, followed by a visit to the small town you can explore on foot, strolling through cobblestone lanes.

Dinner at St Emilion


Bell tower of the monolith church of St Emilion

        Second day : chateaux of the Medoc Region
Departure for the Medoc by the Blaye-Lamarque ferry.
Crossing the Gironde, the largest estuary in Europe, is a real change of scenery. The difference between the vineyards on the two banks of the river can be appreciated. This expanse of water is an immense maritime "air-conditioner". You can understand the special features of this Medoc region located between the Atlantic and the Gironde River.
        Chateau dream road    

In the morning the "chateaux route" where we make our rounds. We will stop at a Grand Cru Classe,(Chateau Pichon, Longueville, Comtesse de Lalande and its glass museum, for example, (based on their availability) to visit its cellars and taste its wine.

              Lunch in the Medoc. In the afternoon, You will visit another Grand Cru Classe Chateau.  
                Chateau LatourFishing boat on the Gironde River  

An exceptional evening for you and you alone
Reception at Chateau Beychevelle *

The word "chateau", in its most noble sense, has never been more appropriate than for Chateau Beychevelle, whose classic, elegant architecture is one of the highlights of the Medoc.

We will visit the wine and aging cellar and we can taste the young wines. The Chef will invite you into his kitchen where he will tell you about the menu chosen to harmonize with the chosen vintage. If time allows, an aperitif on the chateau terrace is a magic moment. A private dinner will be served in the large dining room.


Third day : Sauternes and Bordeaux
Could you imagine a wine more sophisticated and winegrowers any crazier? After our visit you can decide for yourself.

We will visit Françoise Sirot-Soizot at her charming estate, Chateau Closiot*, you will understand through images how this very specific wine is made.

The tasting will underline the great alliances between Sauternes wines and foie gras, of course, but also cheeses sprinkled with parsley, Roquefort … And don't forget the desserts!

Vineyards at Sauternes  
        Château d'Yquem     Visit to Chateau d'Yquem* in the beginning of the afternoon. This exceptional Grand Cru calls forth all the superlatives. The reception is courteous and very professional; the tasting royal!  

You can't ignore this architectural richness!
Bordeaux has the largest preserved district in France with wonderful examples of 18th century architecture.

Departure is planned for late afternoon.

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