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La Maison des vignes
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Bordeaux wine country
Each season has its particular attractions to discover in the Bordeaux vineyards. It all depends on your tastes and availability. Pascal and Michèle will be happy to welcome you from January to October.

In January and February, the pace is fairly relaxed, its time to prune the vines, the air is dry and the workers light fires at the end of the vine rows to warm themselves. In front of the fireplace, foies gras and duck and goose conserves are made. In the cellars, the new wines are the subjects of long discussions…


In March, the downy, rose-colored buds of the vine leaves appear, already bringing the promise of the next harvest. The countryside is alive with the clinking of hammers pounding in new stakes. In the garden the camellias bring forth their first blossoms. In the evening, comes the pleasure of tasting long-simmered stews and regional specialities.

In April, the tulips, daffodils and narcissus lighten the heart and the tender leaves of the vine unfold. At the market, you find asparagus as well as shad and lamprey, the fish that swim up the grand estuary of the Gironde.

May is the month when the vines begin to bloom and the air is full of their perfume. The days are often hot and, at the market, the first strawberries herald spring's arrival.

In June, you can just about see the vines growing, the grapes are well formed and roses planted at the end of the rows burst into colour. In these mild days, you can dine outdoors. In the orchard, dessert cherries are picked.

In July and August, flowers invade the gardens and fresh vegetables flood the markets. The grapes turn blood red in the sunshine and you can take an outing to the fine sand beaches of the Atlantic coast.

With September, a fever sweeps over the vineyard. The harvest is rapidly approaching. In the wineries, preparations are underway for picking the grapes. The weather is often magnificent. Dahlias flower and tomatoes grow plump in the sunshine. You can taste the first figs and the famous cep mushrooms of Bordeaux.

After the harvest, October is the season of the wine cellar. The winemakers oversee the fermentation of the grapes and spend long days over their vats. The vine takes on its ruby colour. The evenings are cooler, but during the day it is not unusual to go for a swim.

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